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FRCPATH Part 2 Courses in Histopathology

Preparation for FRCPath Part 2in Histopathology in the East of England Deanery - Last updated 28th November 2015

Hi Vasi,I passed in the spring so will not be coming. Thanks again for the autumn course -it was very helpful! MB-Midlands Deanery Apr 2015

No, unfortunately I failed. My preparation was too last minute and so by the time the exam came round I still felt ill prepared and hence the result came as no surprise. The course definitely proved useful however and I'll certainly recommend it. I may well be back on it myself! JP-Midlands Apr 2015

Dear Vasi, You may have heard already but in case you have not... I passed FRCPath Part 2!
I honestly can't quite believe it yet! Thank you so very much for all your support, the course and the incredible slide workshop which I truly believe helped me get in shape for this exam. I don't know what else to say apart from THANK YOU! (& obviously I will get together a 20 slide set for you to add to the slide workshop!). I look forward to seeing you next. Once again thank you so very much!

BC-EoE Deanery April 2015

Dear Vasi, I passed the exam. Thank you for all your help. RG EoE Deanery Nov 2015

Hi Vasi, Hoping you are well. I thought I will share this good news that I have passed the exam. The course at Harlow was very helpful and I strongly recommend to all my colleagues. Thank you for the help.

NJ London Nov 2015

FRCPath Nov 2015: Slide workshop good for seeing lots of good cases but definitely the course is the most important thing - my view is best early in the study process. Thanks. Pretty shocked as it is not an exam you come out of with a good feeling thinking you've passed!
Yes O passed too.

TL London Nov 2015

Yes T and I still keep in touch. He Whatsapp’d me at 5am this morning from Australia to tell me congratulations. I attended the Manchester histo course and the Birmingham cytology course but I must say I found the two weeks I spent in Harlow extremely useful. Look forward to seeing you in Dublin

AR-Midlands Deanery Nov 2015

Dear Vasi, I want to share a good news with you. I have passed my FRCPath exam.
I didn't share the news of taking it this autumn as I was too unsure of whether I would sit in the exam or postpone it. I decided after the course to take an attempt with all the points in mind I learnt in course. I would admit that the course gave me an amazingly clearer view of how I have to deal unsure slides. SK Jordan-Saudi Nov 2015

Got through thanks for everything & to everyone at Harlow.Hope to see you soon
AP-EoE Deanery Nov 2015

Results are out - I passed!! Thank you so much for going out of your way to be so supportive. I was ready to give up and your kindness and help meant so much. I will always be so grateful. Thank you 😊s.STYorkshire Deanery Nov 2015