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FRCPath - Small Group Tutorials at PAH Harlow

. FRCPath - Small Group Tutorials at PAH Harlow

Who is it for?

The FRCPath Examination Small Group Tutorials - is designed for experienced overseas Histopathologists who have lots of optical miles. Some of you will have already sat the exam once and been unsuccessful (the reason you are visitng this web site!). You therefore already have an idea of the standard expected-its not difficult-it is a case of how you can present yourself to the examiner.

The predominatly 'self taught' modules consist of a week long course based physically in Harlow. The objective is to give you in-sight into how to present the best possible answer for Short Sugicals Long Surgicals and Cytology components of the exam. We wil aim to 'change your behaviour' in writing scripts between day 1 and day 5.

You will have access to a vast library of slides including (some) selective slide sets from the main systemic pathology course-see below for selective sets available. The emphasis will be on exam technique rather than knowledge acquisition/knowledge transfer. There will be mock exams interspersed with slideworkshops (see below for outline of timetable). We cannot condense a 5 year training programme into 5 days-an often unrealistic expectation of overseas traineesthis is an emphatic DISCLAIMER IN WHAT IS REALISTICALLY ACHIEVABLE in one week.

To succeed in this exam you need to:
1. Write a good ‘UK-style’ structured answer.
2. Have the ability to make a diagnosis within 30-60 seconds using the remainder of the 10 mins to write a good structured answer. If you are able to come over to the UK (Harlow) for 1 week, and spend the time doing a slide workshop (£800/week).
This is outside of the scope of the main course. A named tutor could spend 2 hours a day talking you through this. Access will be between 8 am and 5 pm.
Bring a friend/colleague with you to make the experience a bit more enjoyable. Maximum number of attendees will be 4/week.
3. You need to have the optical miles-we cannot help you here and condense 5 years training into 5 days-see DISCLAIMER ABOVE.

4. Your chances of clearing the exam are considerably better if you prepare by understanding how to write a structured answer. Then appear for the exam overseas eg. Cairo or in Jordan as you are competing or being bench marked against your peers locally, unlike if you sat the exam in the UK.

5. If you have sat the exam before and failed-again you will benefit from attending this workshop as you will get remedial training to make up for your shortcomings. Most importantly you need to request the RCPath for the feedback documents with scores and reason for the scores as soon as you hear you have found out you have failed (there is a 4 week/one calendar month deadline after which it is too late). This is important since you need to know where you went wrong in preparing to sit the exam. For further details contact the Course Organiser for daates.

Outline for the week at Harlow: You will sit mock exams and also have the opportunity to have multiheader sessions (2 hour slot daily).

  AM PM Moderator
Mon Surgical Mock Exam VS2 Feed Back VS
Tue Cytology Mock & Workshop Feed Back PG


Thu Surgical Mock Exam Feed Back PG
Fri Slideworkshop    



Selective sets available for Small Group Tutorials at PAH Harlow

Cardiac Pathology


Gastro-intestinal Pathology

Gynaecological Pathology

Mediastinal Pathology


Pulmonary Pathology

Perinatal Pathology


Dr Vasi Sundaresan

Dr Preethi Gopinath

Dr Salma Al Ramadhani

Dr Vishwas Iyer

Dates for small Group FRCPath Tutorial: To Follow:

January 2020

March 2020

April 2020

May 2020

June 2020

July 2020

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