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updated 26.09.2020

. Contact Course organiser for on-line access to slide collection. £25 to obtain a copy of the 'Primer for the FRCPath'

Online application form-please print, fill in and forward to
Course organiser

The slide collection in digitised format is hosted on a server. Access is by username and password for

1 month,

3 Months

6 months or

12 months/ year.

Basic access is limited to the surgical slideworkshop slides only. Access to Systemic Histopathology Course material is limited to those who have attended the main course only.

List of slide-sets with thematic collection.

New for 2019:

All course particiants will be offered the option to purchase a copy of the Primer for the FRCPath and will be offrered free access to slideworkshop slides for the duration of the course.

Now available-On Line access to scans for the FRCPath Slideworkshop. You need to purchase the book (£25 plus P&P). Online access is £25/month.

Dates for Slideworkshops Jan 2021 and April 2021

Jan 9th to 23rd 2021

March 6th to 17th 2021
View over 200 sets of mixed slides of interesting exam standard cases at leisure-to help prepare for Part 2 of the FRCPath Examination in Histopathology email

Access to EoE Cytology Collection and Cytology Tutorials on Selective dates in January 2021 and March 2021-Inquire from

The Primer for the FRCPath: This book provides a composite of cases in past FRCPath exams-over a 10 year period. Clinical histories for over 200 sets are provided with answers. The sets cover both Non Gynae Cytology and Surgical Pathology. Many slide sets are mixed test sets whislt others are thematic.


New from Autumn 2016-these cases (selective sets) are available for viewing images on line (additional fees and T&C apply). Histology & Non-Gynae Cytology. There are over 200 sets of slides (20 cases per set) of FRCPath standard. The slide sets incoporate all subspecialities-covering cases likely to be in the short surgical and the non-gynae Cytology.
These cases have been collated over the years and a booklet is provided (to be retained at the centre/option to purchase booklet -£25) with clinical history and diagnoses. The sets include: Histology and NON-gynae cytology. Coming soon for Sept 2019-access to scanned images of selected Cytology slide sets (Dr Maria O'Donovan).
Many of the slides are diagnostic slides whilst others need a structured report to accomodate the likley possibility of variability dependent on immunostains or relevant clinical details.

NEED iPAD with Appstudio Viewer Preloaded: Username and password-we will filling in this detail during the main course.



Download Appstudio How2Why2

Scan thro cases in my appstudio app (free use for main course attendees) with pictures of past past exam cases (about 18 sets-equivalent to 180 ases) most with model answers. Also a further 50+ sets of 20 cases with answers (some with model answers, eg VS1, VS2). These will be the sets used 'how to maximise my scores' and also the mock exam. Each set will take u 20-30 mins to refresh your mind of entities.

Read the blue book for relevant updates in immunos and Gatuso for the differential diagnoses.



Course participants have concessionary pricing-please ask Lyn.

Online access is £25/month*
£25+ P&P-DHL Courier 4 day delivery overseas £40
UK-£25 Parcelforce delivery
contact organiser

*12 months access for price of 11 months
Also access to free teaching iPAD dependent app-no IT support to get this working. Need iPAD with 256 Gb memory and upto date ios software.

Coming soon: Dr Maria O'Donovan's Cytology Collection-in digitised format



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