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30 Webinars 17th Oct 2020 - Sept 2021

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Preparation for FRCPath Part 2 in Histopathology in the East of England

Why pre-FRCPath Trainees should register and attend these seminars/webinars

The organiser (Vasi Sundaresan), attended a series of evening teach-ins at The London Hospital, moderated by senior Consultant Pathologists (987-1988). Next, in preparation for the final FRCPath examination, he attended the Advanced Histopathology Course organised by Professor Nick Wright at the Hammersmith Hospital (1989) consolidating knowledge and learning how to craft exam-ready answers.

Our experience running the FRCPath Course leads us to believe there is a need for a FRCPath exam preparation course which prepares candidates to focus on not just getting the correct diagnosis but in crafting scripts that earn higher scores in this close-marked exam. The Webinar-series will 'drip-feed' cases/knowledge and hone trainees skills enabling them to clear this exit exam, hopefully on the 1st attempt.

The Advanced Histopathology Course in the EoE attempts to emulate Prof Nick Wrights Course. Currently there are no equivalent courses for FRCPath trainees (post-part 1 FRCPath) to attend and get exposure to a series of exam standard cases, similar to that experienced at The London Hospital (now The Royal London Hospital). This webinar series, is an attempt to fill this void. The expectation is that all pre-FRCPath trainees will benefit from attending this webinar series, delivered by senior Consultant Pathologists, many national and international experts in their field.

Date Test Set   Presenter
27th July VS1   VS

28th July

VS2   VS
29th July     PG
30th July     SA
31st July     SA CYTOLOGY



2nd Aug     JC CYTOLOGY



Provisional Timetable andProgramme

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Links to pdfs and Course Videos on 7 Block and 9 Block Webinars organised in EoE in July 25th to Aug 2nd and later in Aug 22nd to Aug 31st 2020


7 Block Webinar Links

July 27th to Aug 2nd


9 (10) Block Webinar Links

Aug 22nd to 31st